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A method of deriving operation-specific ski run classes for avalanche risk management decisions in mechanized skiing

Journal PaperTerrain Management
Reto Sterchi and Pascal Haegeli
Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., 19, 269-285, 2019
Publication year: 2019

Using discrete choice experiments to examine the stepwise nature of avalanche risk management decisions—An example from mountain snowmobiling

Journal PaperUser Groups
Pascal Haegeli and Luke Robbins Strong-Cvetich
Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism. doi:10.1016/j.jort.2018.01.007
Publication year: 2018

Describing the severity of avalanche terrain numerically using the observed terrain selection practices of professional guides

Journal PaperTerrain Management
Scott Thumlert and Pascal Haegeli
Nat Hazards (2018) 91(1): 89-115.
Publication year: 2018

Characterizing the nature and variability of avalanche hazard in western Canada

Hazard AssessmentJournal Paper
Bret Shandro and Pascal Haegeli
Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., 18, 1141-1158,
Publication year: 2018

A conceptual model of avalanche hazard

Hazard AssessmentJournal Paper
Grant Statham, Pascal Haegeli, Ethan Greene, Karl Birkeland, Clair Israelson, Bruce Tremper, Chris Stethem, Bruce McMahon, Brad White, John Kelly
Natural Hazards, 90(2), 663-691. doi:10.1007/s11069-017-3070-5
Publication year: 2018

Wilderness Medical Society practice guidelines for prevention and management of avalanche and non-avalanche snow burial accidents

Journal PaperVulnerability & Rescue
Christopher Van Tilberg, Colin K. Grissom, Ken Zafren, Scott McIntosh, Martin I. Radwin, Peter Paal, Pascal Haegeli, William R. Smith, Albert R. Wheeler, David Weber, Bruce Tremper, Hermann Brugger
Wilderness and Environmental Medicine, 28(1), 23-42.
Publication year: 2017

The effect of heads-up-display (HUD) goggles on skiing and snowboarding speeds

Journal PaperUser Groups
Jon Garner, Pascal Haegeli, Wolfgang Haider
Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism, 13, 79-90
Publication year: 2016

Research on personal risk in outdoor recreation and nature-based tourism

Accidents & RiskEditorialJournal Paper
Pascal Haegeli, Ulrike Pröbstl-Haider
Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism
Publication year: 2016

Accident causes and organizational culture among avalanche professionals

Journal PaperUser Groups
Jerry Johnson, Pascal Haegeli, Jordy Hendrikx, Scott Savage
Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism, 13, 49-56
Publication year: 2016

Recent developments in applied snow and avalanche research

EditorialHazard AssessmentJournal Paper
Pascal Haegeli, Jürg Schweizer
Cold Regions Science and Technology, 120, 153-156
Publication year: 2015

The effectiveness of avalanche airbags

Journal PaperVulnerability & Rescue
Pascal Haegeli, Markus Falk, Emily Procter, Benjamin Zweifel, Frederic Jarry, Spencer Logan, Kalle Kronholm, Marek Biskubic, Hermann Brugger
Resuscitation, 85(9), 1197-1203
Publication year: 2014

A qualitative analysis of group formation, leadership and decision making in recreation groups traveling in avalanche terrain

Journal PaperUser Groups
Benjamin Zweifel, Pascal Haegeli
Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism. 5-6, 17-26
Publication year: 2014

Identifying a high-risk cohort in a complex and dynamic risk environment: Out-of-bounds skiing—an example from avalanche safety

Journal PaperUser Groups
Pascal Haegeli, Matt Gunn, Wolfgang Haider
Prevention Science, 13(6), 562-573
Publication year: 2012

Comparison of avalanche survival patterns in Canada and Switzerland

Journal PaperVulnerability & Rescue
Pascal Haegeli, Markus Falk, Hermann Brugger, Hans-Jürg Etter, Jeff Boyd
Journal of Canadian Medical Association, 183(7), 789-795
Publication year: 2011

Decision-making in avalanche terrain - Testing the effect of a decision aid for trip planning with a stated choice survey

Journal PaperTerrain Management
Pascal Haegeli, Wolfgang Haider, Margo Longland, Ben Beardmore
Natural Hazards, 52(1), 185-209
Publication year: 2010