2019 US Snow and Avalanche Workshops

Henry Finn @ NSAW
How Do Recreationists Understand Avalanche Bulletin Information?

Anne St Clair @ CSAW
Could the Avalanche Bulletin be More Effective?

CSAW 2019 Live

We are live broadcasting parts of the 2019 Colorado Snow and Avalanche Workshop. This event is brought to you by The Colorado Avalanche Information Center, Friends of CAIC, and The North Face. You can see the full agenda here: https://avalanche.state.co.us/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/CSAW-2019-Final-Agenda.pdf

Posted by Friends of CAIC on Friday, October 4, 2019

Anne’s presentation starts at 2:45:00.

2019 CAA Spring Meetings

Moses Towell
Exploring the link between modeled weather and snowpack conditions and avalanche problems

Pascal Haegeli
Do avalanche airbag lead to riskier choice in the backcountry?

Stan Nowak
Designing visualization tools for avalanche forecasters?

Anne St Clair
Could the avalanche bulletin be more effective?

Henry Finn
Survey insights – Probing for population-wide patterns of avalanche bulletin use in North America?

Simon Horton
What if you could dig two thousand pits a day?

2018 Northwest Snow and Avalanche Workshop

Henry Finn
What type of bulletin user are you?

Pascal Haegeli
Do avalanche airbag lead to riskier choice in the backcountry?

Note: There was an error in the analysis of the discrete choice experiment included in this presentation. Please watch this video instead.

2018 CAA Spring Meetings

Taylor Clark
What’s the danger rating for a storm slab avalanche problem with likely avalanches up to size 2?

Anne St Clair & Henry Finn
What Would Jerry and Sally Do? Exploring avalanche bulletin use and comprehension

Brendan Wakefield
Capturing the Essence of Heliskiing Terrain

Reto Sterchi
Extracting Unique Terrain Classes, using the operational knowledge stored in run list data

Pascal Haegeli
Exploring the Effect of El Nino and the Artic Oscillation on the nature of avalanche hazard in western Canada

Simon Horton
Will Computers Forecast Avalanches? Steps towards automated hazard assessments

2017 Northwest Snow & Avalanche Workshop

Bret Shandro
What can the ENSO forecast tell us about the upcoming winter?

2017 CAA Spring Meetings

Reto Sterchi
Identifying patterns in professional terrain choices using self-organizing maps

Matthias Walcher
The HeliCat Canada Sector Risk Projects

Bret Shandro
Incorporating Avalanche Hazard into the Concept of Avalanche Climate